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Hotel em Morro de São Paulo preçc Semana Santa Salvador Bahia

Venha curtir o Feriado de Semana Santa, hotel perto de Salvador na Bahia!
Com preço econômico o Hotel Pousada em Morro de São Paulo que liga você e sua família à natureza selvagem de Morro de Sao Paulo. Chalés e bangalôs integrados a uma área de um milhão de metros quadrados. Em frente para o mar e você ainda conta com a atenção especial dos proprietários!

Um resort ecológico, bom conforto, boa tranqüilidade, privacidade e melhor diversão.

O Hotel Pousada Praia do Encanto é a melhor opção de lazer, lua de mel em Morro de São Paulo. Localizado duas horas de Salvador via catamarã no Sul da Bahia, a uma pequena distância de Salvador Bahia, conta com uma Pista de Pouso exclusiva na própria área do hotel, a 5 minutos de deslocamento. Wifi de graça free, Free wireless.

O Hotel Praia do Encanto é o local ideal para você e sua família relaxarem ao mesmo tempo em que aproveitam as diversas opções de melhor lazer.

Com três piscinas, no restaurante, no alambique exclusivo para hóspedes, nos dois bares personalizados para seu gosto. Pratique esportes como futebol ou vôlei de praia. Sinta-se mais próximo da natureza no centro náutico ou nas caminhadas ecológicas.

Hotel Praia do Encanto em Morro de São Paulo Eco Resort Pousada esta localizado na quarta praia a Praia do Encanto melhor da ilha Morro de São Paulo, o hotel que também é considerado Pousada Praia do Encanto tem 22 apartamentos de luxos e bangalos, proporcionando uma hospedagem execente para os hospedes que vem visitar as praias de Morro de São Paulo, a reserva pode ser efetuada online nosso site, os preços são os melhores para os hospedes de Morro de São Paulo, trabalhamos para grupo e agências de viagens e turismo de todo o Brasil, aqui você encontrarar informações, reservas de hotel, pousada e pacotes, descontos, de férias da Ilha de Morro de Sao Paulo incluindo como chegar, passeios, restaurantes, clima e temperatura, onde comprar passagem para o catamara, as praias, fotos, festas, feriados, carnaval, ressaca do morro, reveillon e dicas importantes o que trazer, lista e preços dos melhores hotéis e pousadas baratos de Morro de Sao Paulo.

Chegou a hora de programar e organizar sua festa groupon 2014 em Morro de São Paulo. É justamente nesse momento que a procura por hospedagem e acomodação para a Festa de Fim de Ano começam a acontecer. Pode parecer precipitado, mas vale lembrar que no ano passado algumas das melhores pousadas de morro já tinham fechado suas reservas para o Reveillon e Carnaval no final de setembro e em outubro, ou seja quanto mais cedo tudo tiver sido feito, melhor são as possibilidades de escolha e preços. Então mãos a obra e pesquisa de tarifas à vista!
*os preços são para duas pessoas e os valores são por apartamento, que podem variar de acordo com a acomodação, localização e serviços. O tempo do pacote também varia de pousada para pousada, podendo ser de 4 ou 5 dias.


A nossa pousada já dispoe de preço para pacote Carnaval 2014

Traveler Reviews, I loved it so much thinking of going bact for the thrid time!!!, Have been to Hotel Praia do Encanto Eco Resort which, as the name refers, is really enchanting. It was our second time there and having been so good the first time (November 2004 with a group of 6) we chose this hotel over all the ones that exist on the island to spend part of our honeymoon in May2005. It is on the end of the island about 8 km from the village on the Praia do Encanto or, as some say the fifth beach (The beaches at Morro de São Paulo have original and imaginative names, First beach, Second beach, Third beach, Forth beach and last, but not least, Fifth beach or Praia do Encanto) The staff is very friendly, especially Neide and Cosme. The bungalow rooms are individual with little gardens in front and have a lot of privacy. Private bath rooms. Very clean with a change of towels and bed sheets everyday, which, due to the small water tanks they have on the island, is a luxury. Not 5 star luxury, but I believe that on the island there isn’t any place as luxury as this resort (I heard Patachocas was good, but my husband and I adore nature and there project destroyed what was around, were as Praia do Encanto Eco Resort saved everything possible). The beach at Praia do Encanto is really beautiful. Paradise. Every thing you need is at Praia do Encanto Eco Resort. Beautiful landscape, deserted beaches, good coconut trees, nice crystal warm water with natural pools out in the sea, fishes swimming up to you, etc….. The restaurant, during our honeymoon was under reconstruction so we ate out on the beach bar. Having the staff give it the most romantic and tropical look, with flags made out of sheets(Ones used in the boats we saw at Porto Galinhas) and tiny colourful candle like lights all around was an A plus. The cuisine at the hotel serves very tasty food and we ate there nearly ever evening because it was so good. The owner told us he was going to hire a very famous Spanish chefe who had retired and wanted to spend some time at Morro de São Paulo. Apparently he cooks even better, but we never had the opportunity to taste his cooking since his kitchen and restaurant weren’t ready before we left. Our stay included breakfast which was also served by the hotel at the beach bar and had a a large variety of tropical fruit, fruit drinks, coffee, tea, home made pastry and bread and the most delicious guava jam I have ever had! Try out the cheese buns as well. In fact, just thinking about breakfast grows water in my mouth! The beach bar also has tasty snacks and great fruit drinks made with real tropical fruit. The staff put on good Brazilian music. The prices charged for dinner, snacks and drinks(not the breakfast ones off course) was a surprise to us since we expected a much bigger fee. It was cheap. Considering that one euro equals 3 reais(Brazilian money) we paid for a tree course meal and drinks 10 euros per person. You can charge everything to the room and pay in the end with credit card, which is good in this part of the island as you can save the money you took with you for othe things. (There is only one ATM machine on the island(second beach) where you can withdraw money so be sure to take plenty with you, especially if you are going on the weekend or local public holidays, since it gets crowdy, because of the luaus night beach parties.) The nets around the bar at Praia do Encanto Eco Resort are the best places for a nap! The gardens are very pretty with welcome notes, elves, fairies and old wooden toys here and there. Be on the look out for the crabs that live in them and run away into their holes as soon as you appear. There is also Barbara, the Saint Bernard, which is very friendly and loves a pat on the back. If you are lucky the owners, who are very friendly and really make you feel at home, will be around and invite you for a beach party or some home made“cachaça” drinks in the adega (It’s a kind of Brazilian brandy). The swimming pools (Two, being one for children) are of good size, enough for a good swim. The truth is that the seawater is so warm and nice who wants the pool. The owner told us that he was going to build a new and even bigger swimming pool with a pool bar inside, which is surpossed to be ready this November, (eager to know how it turned out). For those who have children, the water at sea is normally shallow. The hotel has a painting atelier where they can also spend some time painting t-Shirts.The couple who work there are simply adorable and you’ll like them immediately. Exploring the gardens and forest behind the hotel is also a good activity for them. There is a gym, a table tennis and pool table to spend some of your time there. I read someone complained about the mosquitoes there. Hey, you are in Brazil, and if you don ´t like mosquitoes don ´t bother going there because they are seasons were they are every where you go! Take a good repliant, because although the product the hotel spreads every evening around the grounds is good it still is not enough, for a person like myself who attracts mosquitoes a mile away. The truth is that against mosquitoes there is little I could do, and even in the five star hotels were we stayed at later on I could not get rid of them. So if you are allergic to the bits like I am, better use the Brazilian “AUTAN” mosquitoes repellent as I found it was the best! The hotel, as all the other five star hotels were we stayed during our honeymoon, gave us electrical repellent to put in the room during the night, just ask for it at the reception desk! Get up early in the morning (6 am) and you can see the fisherman out at sea fishing. In the evening the locals come about nearby to catch crabs in the sands and the “mangue” trees. (If you are from Europe you won´t have trouble getting up that early because of the time zones- Brazil is 4/5 hours behind European time.)The trees (African fig trees and palms) near the beach also have tiny, cheerful monkeys who hide them selves during the rest of the day, so you can only see them early in the mornings. The leaves, which fall during the day and night on the beach, are cleaned every day by the staff. At low tied go out as far into the sea as you can were you get the best sights of the hotel and beach (check the tied and go to Morro São Paulo when it’s low during the day, because at high tied the beaches at Morro de São Paulo tend to disappear. Also take good shoes because there are a lot of cutting corals hidden in the sea). The hotel has horses and you can ride them on the beach or in the forest. You can buy excursion at the hotel´s reception desk. Get the boat trip to the natural pools and nearby islands-Cairu and Boibepa- and enjoy the beauty of the coastline, deserted beaches and river. In our opinion Praia Coeira and Praia Tassimirim on the Boipepa Island are the most beautiful (only seen during low tied). Bring back home breath taking photos. We walked from praia do Encanto all the way to First Beach. It takes about 3 to 4 hours (slow walking and stopping for a dip and to take photos) It is the best and only way to really feel the beauty of this place. No need for a guide. The Praia do Encanto and Fourth beach are complety deserted and only seldomly will you see other tourists or locals. If you ´re lazy or tired you can take the hotel’s truck that takes about 30 minutes till the Second beach. The hotel provide a very good timetable, sometimes arranged to your needs if you are the only ones using it. (As you know there are not any cars on the First, Second and Third beaches). The sights seen from the truck are also nice and if you are lucky you’ll see flocks of green, yellow budgets flying in the wild. At Portalo, take the public boat to Gamboa and visit the Argila baths. At low tied walk back to the villa along the beaches. Once again no need of a guide and it is the only way you can see the beautiful deserted beaches on this side of the island. We also went to the old fort that is nice. Walk all the way up the Morro and, if you have the courage, drop down the Torolesa into the ocean. Spend the evening at the Second beach and watch the locals dancing “Capoeira” . See the sun set at the fort…!!!!!At night go to the luaus and try out the wonderful drinks. Had lunch twich at the “Bar das Piscinas, at the beginning of the Fourth beach, which is very good, especially the “moceca” of Lobster and shrimp. The “Caipirinhas (drinks) are also very good!!! The village is nice and at night has lots to do. Hippies selling things, bars, restaurants, people in the streets(made out of sand, so ladies no need of high heels, just sandals). Things are more expensive than in Salvador so if you forget you sunglasses, bikini or towel buy them in Mercado Modelo at Salvador before leaving. The restaurants tend to pack up in the high season so go early or eat at the hotel like we did. Try lobster, nice price. Lots of bars, no discos, but you can party all night at the beach. To get to Morro catch a speedboat at Mercado do Modelo (Ilha Bella). It takes about 2 hours and costs 50 reais per person. If the sea is flat you’ll see flying fishes and dolphins as well as catch a nice tan. No seasickness. If the sea is rough catch the catamaran because the speedboat is nauseating (not that the catamaran is better but at least it is safer). If you get seasick or can not wait to get to the island I recommend you take the AeroStar plane that takes about 15 mins from Salvador and the runway (belongs exclusively to Patachocas and Praia do Encanto Eco Resort Hotels) is just behind the hotel. If you arrive at the island by boat pay the locals to carry your luggage in their taxi’s (Garden carts) because the climbs is difficult after a boat trip, in the sun and hot temperature. Pay about 5 reais per volume. Yes it is not cheap but believe me you will find out it is worth it!!!! Carrying your own weight up the hill is already too much. If you ´re in a hippy mood stay in the second beach, if you love peace, silence, beautiful deserted beaches search for hotels on the Forth or Praia do Encanto. I recommend the Praia do Encanto Eco Resort because it really is a very good hotel for the island standards and I doubt there is anything better than this one.

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Informações Uteis

Em Morro de São Paulo não há hospital (somente na cidade de Valença), entretanto há um Posto Médico , assim como um consultório dentário e duas farmácias. Você também encontrará supermercados no Morro.
Em Morro de São Paulo há cobertura para telefones celular. Há também telefones públicos assim como locais onde se pode fazer chamadas interurbanas e internacionais.
Em Morro de São Paulo existem várias lan houses e algumas pousadas oferecem o serviço de conexão à internet.

O que trazer para ilha de Morro de São Paulo

Trazer dinheiro, porque tem muita festa e passeios legais!

Como Chegar

Há diversas maneiras de como chegar em Morro de São Paulo que tanto variam de preço e quanto no tempo gasto na viagem. As cidades que dão acesso a Morro de São Paulo são Salvador e Valença.

À partir de Salvador as alternativas de transporte para Morro de São Paulo são os de avião, lanchas e catamarãs, e ainda uma combinação de balsa, ônibus, carro e barco, lancha. Entretanto quem estiver viajando de ônibus ou carro terá que passar pela cidade de Valença e de lá pegar um barco ou lancha para Morro de São Paulo, já que em Morro de São Paulo não tem carros e nem ônibus exeto os dos hoteis.

Onde comer em Morro de São Paulo

Em Morro de São Paulo existem vários restaurante, mas o nosso esta nas melhores revistas internacionais, o melhor de tudo é que o preço é barato.

Outras informações de Morro de São Paulo

Clima: Tendo um clima tropical, o sol brilha praticamente o ano todo em Morro de São Paulo, apresentando temperaturas na faixa dos 26 a 30 graus durante o verão. O período de chuvas é de maio a julho e até o mês de setembro pode chover ainda, mas a probabilidade já é menor. Nestes meses as temperaturas caem um pouco, mas dificilmente ficam abaixo dos 20 graus. A temperatura média nos meses de inverno é 24 graus.